What Is The
CASHback Show?

Maybe you have never heard of CASHback. The dictionary defines a “flashback” as a sudden, vivid memory of the past. When those memories are of Johnny Cash though, they are too special to be just another flashback. They are SO special that they have a special name – CASHbacks.

CASHback is a wild, bumpy, boom chicka booming ride through Johnny Cash music history. We will revisit the songs and the songwriters, the sessions and the sounds, the legends and the lore, the highlights and the hijinks, the myths, the music, and the man . . . the Man in Black that is.

You never know where we will end up or who we will bump into along the route. The only thing for certain is that every take we tell will eventually lead to Johnny Cash.

So find a seat. Settle back. And leave the driving to us.


Troy King

Troy’s Mama taught him to love a Sun Drop and he earned a graduate degree in Cashology at his Daddy’s knee. His Dad often instructed him, “It’s not COUNTRY music, son. It’s just music. There is no other kind.” In the years that have followed, Troy has become an amateur historian and a captivating storyteller. His first and lifelong passion was and remains all things that boom chicka boom.

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Jeff Emond

Hello, I’m Jeff Emond. I became a huge Johnny Cash nerd in 2006 when I first heard his album A Hundred Highways. My grandparents quickly caught me up with their copies of At Folsom Prison, The Highwaymen, and a Sun compilation. When I got the Man in Black’s autobiography as a Christmas present that year, my fate was sealed. When I’m not keeping up with Johnny Cash, I’m whizzing around as a middle school teacher, or serenely absorbing a good book with my wife and three cats.

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Nicholas Buck

Nicholas Buck has been a Johnny Cash fan ever since the early 2000’s, when he would sing with his dad and sisters to “Ring of Fire” in the living room of their home. Obsession came shortly after hearing JC’s cover of NIN’s song “Hurt,” which tuned him into Johnny Cash’s depth as a recovering addict. Since then, he has spent a lot of time singing to “Cocaine Blues,” “A Boy Named Sue” and one of his absolute favorites, “Ira Hayes,” which promises misty eyes every time he listens to the lyrics.

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